Bohemian Earthy Designs for the Modern Day Gypsy

All Lux Divine Jewelry is hand-fabricated using different styles of bench jeweler techniques & Wire Wrapping. Metals used are Sterling Silver, 14kt gold fill, 24kt gold overlay, 24kt gold & Fine Silver plate, 14kt Gold, Brass & Copper. Each gemstone is hand picked and all pieces are hand crafted in Los Angeles, Ca. Every item is intended for the free spirits, bohemian babes & earth mamas of the world. We started off as a jewelry line and have expanded over the years to a one stop shop offering jewelry, clothing, shoes, bags and other accessories for the wild at heart. What makes our label unique is our one of a kind pieces. We add new creations to our shop weekly setting us apart from the fashion industry norm of seasonal collections. 

Our Story

I have been making jewelry for as long as I can remember. I would search for treasures on the beach, in vintage shops and my own Mother’s closet for things to make jewelry out of. I’m not sure where this passion came from but I have always known that making jewelry is what I needed to do with my life.

I had my first business license when I was only 16 years old and would find local fashion shows and events to sell my creations at. When it came time for college I attended the World’s Biggest Gem grading lab in the world for instruction to hone my craft. GIA taught me most of what I know today. I became a certified Gemologist, Bench Jeweler and Designer. With the new skills under my belt, I set out into the world for inspiration. Along the way I met my supportive husband who now runs LDJ with me! He contributes to A LOT of the inspiration I have for my jewelry and comes up with awesome ideas all the time! He is the Yin to my Yang and together we make this company so much stronger! We spend most of our days communicating with our customers, making new creations, packing and shipping orders, doing photo shoots and preparing for festivals and events. We search for all our gemstones and know where they all come from. We do not use stones that were involved in any negative practices such as child labor/slavery. All the leather used in our leather cuffs are recycled from scraps that would otherwise be in landfills. We strive to create a better planet with our jewelry one cuff at a time!

Thank you so much for visiting our online shop and supporting small handmade businesses!