The best lemon pasta you have ever had

Hello Dreamers,

             As Summer comes to an end, I wanted to sneak in the perfect Summer recipe on the blog before it was too late! You will be thanking me after you make this...I promise! This is the best lemon pasta you have ever had. Its so light(for a pasta) & the lemon adds a nice freshness making it a Summer favorite. I personally think it's great year round but we tend to have this more in the Summer months. I must confess that I am NOT a pasta person. Other than something light like a checca angel hair, most dishes feel so heavy to me. I always regret I try to stay away as much as I can. It's not even the pasta dough itself...its always cooked in so much oils and fat which is why I hate it. That being said, this is the only one I will eat which means it can't be heavy. It can be made as a vegetarian dish like this recipe or exclude the parmesan to make it vegan. Sorry, not raw folks...however I suppose could probably pull this off with zucchini noodles. 

               My mom makes this at most family gatherings...which is often. She recently made it for my first son's birthday party and all the moms asked for the recipe...I didn't even need to write it down. Its only 6 ingredients and just that easy. I don't use measurements but I will include them. 

1 lb thin spaghetti 

3 lemons- juiced 1/2 cup, 1-2 tbsp lemon zest

1/2- 1 cup fresh basil 

spices: salt & pepper

2/3 cup olive oil 

parmesan- grated & thinly shaved (optional) 1/2 cup grated, 1/2 cup shaved


It takes me about 15-20 mins to make this start to finish. Pretty quick huh?

Here's how it goes:

1. Boil water, add a few pinches of salt and add spaghetti noodles. cook for 12-15 mins or until tender. strain & save 1/2 cup of the cooking water

While your spaghetti is cooking...


2. grate one lemon, juice all 3 lemons and wisk them together with olive oil & grated parmesan

3.  Once you have your noodles ready, the 1/2 cup of cooking water & lemon mixture, add the liquids to the pasta slowly while stiring. You may have too much liquid so go slowly and stop when you have moist noodles with an obvious coating but not so much that it pools at the bottom of the bowl. You do not want them soggy.

4. finely chop fresh can't have too much! mix into pasta

5. Add salt and pepper to taste

That's it! It can be eaten right away hot, room temperature or cold. Its all good...mmmm

I hope you try this yumminess and let me know how it goes!