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Hiya babes,

                   I thought it was about time we started sharing more about ourselves and who we are. My husband and I run this little brand together. My family is very much involved in the daily life of working on our business...even our kids! We run Lux Divine out of our home which allows me to not leave my littles(Halen age 8 & Koa 9 months). We had a workshop out of our home a couple years ago but I could never force myself to go to "work". About a year ago on our blog we shared that we were building our dream home. We loved our small ranch home we were living in but we needed a ton of more room if we were going to continue to have LD in our home. We searched high and low for the perfect home that would allow us to separate our business areas from our living areas.... we had no luck so we decided to build one ourselves. Building your own home is no joke and we did it all while I was pregnant! It was such a long road and there were times we were fed up...but its finally done!!! And I of course, had to share it all right here!

We bought our home from a builder...meaning we chose our lot and home design and made all the decisions along the way. They delivered a finished home with carpet and finishings we were not into. We could have had them add the finishing materials we wanted but it would have been twice as much in price than if we did it thats what we did. On day one we started ripping up the terrible carpet and white tile throughout the home. We reused the carpet in one of our apartment buildings, our other business, and tried as best we could to not waste any of the materials. We found the most amazing weathered reclaimed wood as our flooring. It has the most amazing knots and bowties within the wood that make me feel like Im living on a pirate ship. 

Selecting the tiles for our staircase was so much fun!

Selecting the tiles for our staircase was so much fun!

With the architecture of our home, we knew we needed to design our home with a spanish style flare... This staircase really inspired me...we took the plunge and ripped out the wooden railings. I was glad it wasn't wasted either, we donated it to the amazing iron worker who built our new railing. He was able to reuse it for another project. win win!

Watching the staircase being built in my home was such a crazy process to watch. I was surprised at how dangerous it was to install. Thankfully no one was hurt in the making of this staircase:) It has become my favorite part of our home and I never mind walking up them...

We also decided to be bold in our front entry way. Instead of just continuing the wood into that area, we found an incredible Moroccan cement tile that made that space pop. I know its a bit crazy for most, but Im obsessed!  

             We are so thrilled with how those two spaces turned out. Even though this process was LONG, dusty and sometimes tiresome...we overall loved designing our home and have been discussing selling this one and doing it all over again! We are a bit crazy... Buying and fixing up properties is something we enjoy to do together. LD isn't our only business:) But for now, we are all happy as can be in our new home with our new baby...Thats all the time Ive got today to share our dream home...Ill share more bits of our love nest soon...including my studio & workshop!