The Perfect Caftan

Hey there! Remember us?... I know, I know...where the heck have we been?! We have been a little M.I.A. lately...and for good reason. Firstly, we are all packed up and ready for our big move to the new house we have been building this past year. Working and creating new items while a majority of your workshop is packed up is pretty impossible. Second, if you follow us on social media you might have heard we are expecting...a baby boy! He is due in December and we are beyond elated and thankful. We have been trying for baby number #2 going on 5 years now and were finally blessed after being diagnosed with secondary infertility( yes, thats really a thing). As blessed as I feel, this pregnancy has been a tough one. Mostly due to me not being able to carry a pregnancy without the use of hormones that just left me feeling ill constantly. The first 3 months I had the most terrible morning sickness I couldn't even keep water down and leaving my bed was a huge task. Thank God for my amazing husband and son who really pulled through and picked up the slack. Now I am thankfully feeling somewhat functional but we felt it was best for me to stay away from jewelry manufacturing daily. I use a lot of resins, polishing compounds..even just filing metals are dangerous to inhale. Wearing a mask just isn't enough when your creating a precious life. So for now, our jewelry is somewhat on hold and our clothing line has all our attention...

Our Fall collection is ready and here and we couldn't be more happy with how everything turned out. We are still working with a small clothing factory in downtown Los Angeles that specializes in small production, prefect for us! Everything they make is top notch quality and I really feel good about creating locally and not producing overseas. It would be WAY cheaper to do it that way but not environmentally conscious. I feel blessed to know the exact people who make our designs and that they are happy, paid well and work in a safe work environment. Im sure companies who produce in China could not say that much. L.A. made is very much who we are and proud to make products in the USA. There is currently a big problem with mass produced electroformed jewelry being made in China and sold here in the states for dirt cheap...but don't even get me started on that issue. All I can say is when you purchase from us, rest assured knowing all your Lux Divine creations are made ethically here on U.S. soil in Los Angeles with love and care...and by people who love their jobs! whoohooo:)


So here is the first piece I introduce to you from our 2015 Fall Clothing Collection. I really thought long and hard on this collection. What would I want to be a staple in my wardrobe? What did I really need?... the first thing that came to mind was a really good caftan. I have an obsession with caftans... I compulsively collect them( its a problem) and while I really love all the ones I own, I would always want to tweak them to make them the perfect caftan. So instead of pulling out my sewing machine and making any more alterations to my dresses...I had a light bulb moment and decided we should just make one. The perfect caftan, that looks good on anyone and feels amazing to wear in cool prints. I don't know about you but I have days where I just feel blah, especially being hormonal and pregnant. Throwing on an easy outfit that gives you effortless style and makes you look amazing no matter how shitty your feeling is essential in my opinion for any woman's wardrobe. We all have those days we need a little help. I feel like this caftan is that help ladies! ...and Im beyond excited about it. The fabric we used is stretchy, silky and cool to the touch. This amazing dress is ready for a night out, an event or just a cover up for the beach. Whatever you need... the Calliope Caftan is your girl!

This incredibly flowy caftan comes in 2 solid colors, white and coral and two Lux Divine exclusive prints. One is a cool spanish style scroll print and the other is a cool blue paisley print. We use these prints with our bells too! Well, we hope you love them as much as we do. Keep an eye out, we will be releasing new designs and styles each week:) Visit the clothing section in our online shop to purchase these dresses. We only made small quantities! Thank you ever so much for your ongoing support. I cannot begin to tell you how thankful we are to each and every one of our customers and supporters!! Muah!