Home Is Where The Heart Is

              The past year has been a whirlwind of progress, growth and many changes. We are so grateful to have many of the opportunities that God has presented before us... one being our future change of scenery. For over a year now we have been working on a house move. We spent a good part of that year figuring out exactly where we wanted to go. We would absolutely love to pick up and move somewhere new and exotic. But its just not realistic for us at this time...one day! We knew we couldn't leave our family just yet as our son really needs to be surrounded by loved ones growing up. Family is really important to us and know it is in his best interest to have that around consistently. We also have the base of our business here with our platers & clothing factory conveniently nearby. The husband is still working in the movie industry on and off which is here in LA too. So stay we must with our roots planted pretty firm.... the nomad in me is stomping her feet!

I love change, I love moving and starting with a clean slate. We yearn to be surrounded by nature and live a more secluded existence. So with this decision to stay close we decided on a small little local mountain with bluffs and a gorgeous view of rolling hills. Its perfect! There will be hiking trails right outside my front door and views for miles. Its so quiet and the air is clean and fresh. We still won't be as secluded as I would like to be but its an upgrade non the less. We are really only moving about 6-10 miles away but the change will be a huge one. It has been so exciting because we are not only moving but building our new home from the ground up! Every weekend we visit to see the progress. It really amazing and a fun process to be able to watch. We finally have walls!!! Its been so fun to be able to pick out flooring, tile & the overall vibe of our new home. So naturally this has me completely obsessing over interior decor. I really want to incorporate natural elements like gemstones & woods. Here are some of the amazing things I stumbled across! 

That chandelier though!!! As much as having an awesome Amethyst table or sink would be, we decided on sticking with a natural clean look with whites, creams & woods. These have been my main inspirations. 

How dreamy are all those homes??? After much debate we decided on dark hardwood floors inside, terra-cotta outside with white walls & white furniture while incorporating unique wood pieces. We already own a ton of antique wood finds that we have accumulated over the past 7 years. I am really digging primitive wood furniture at the moment and hoping I can find some cool items on the cheap. I wish I could carve out some time to craft some new wall hangings & decor to have ready before we move but with keeping up with LuxDivine, packing & getting our home ready to sell its been near impossible. I have some ideas and will be posting some DIY projects soon! Im pretty excited about that so stay tuned:) We are on track to be able to move sometime during the summer and can't wait to post photos of our new dwelling! xo


Oh yeah... I really want to add this bookshelf in my new home... anyone know where I can find one?!! lol... too funny

All pics via pinterest