Bold & the Beautiful

Here at Lux Divine we love creating everyday pieces that are easy to wear...

but every now and again we step out of the box and create fun, unique statement pieces for the bold and daring.

Here are some of our favorite Lux Divine statement pieces.

This beautiful Feather Headcrown is a newbie here at LD. I had some amazing feathers that I was dying to work with. I decided they needed to be kept together vs using them in different pieces. They work together perfectly and bring such an earthy vibe to the piece.

This one of a kind feather head crown is simply amazing in person. Made with exotic high quality feathers, abalone shell, gold dipped chrysoprase and fine leather. Perfect for dancing barefoot under the moonlight. This one has us swooning!

This statement piece was so fun to make. We will be adding various styles of this design to the shop this holiday season! 


Our gold dipped feather ear cuffs.... these babies are so fun. Its no secret that feather ear cuffs are widely popular these days especially during festival season. We decided to take a try at this popular fad but put the Lux Divine spin on them! Here is what we came up with. The base is dipped in 24kt gold and sparkles with crystals & druzies. They are finished off with high quality  exotic feathers. These have become ever increasingly popular in our online shop. We are currently making new styles with different color feathers & stones. Keep and eye out for the new styles to drop soon! 



The NOVA headband. The most magical headband we have made to date! I originally made this headband just for fun & photoshoots. I had no idea they would be a popular item in our shop. Im having a little problem keeping them stocked! We will have these beauties back in the shop keep an eye out!