All in The Details


Aside from designing and making our jewelry, styling is my favorite job here at LD with photography as a close second. Most of our jewelry is made to be versatile additions to our customer's wardrobes. Wear only one piece for a simple, polished look or layer them together for some added funkiness! Either way, we know you will look amazing. When designing our creations, I keep in mind the everyday bohemian woman who wears unique special pieces to reflect her personality & mood. For this reason, our shop is filled with small & simple necklaces & rings as well as bold headbands & statement pieces. Our hope is to have something special for everyone...

Here are some of our recent styled photos and the pieces used to create each amazing look!  



Black Calypso Dress - Coming Soon!


Atlas Stacks



Spellbound Amethyst Necklace




White Calypso Dress - Coming Soon!